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Skky is content with the way her life is playing out.  She's been promoted to supervisor on her job, moved into a beautiful home in Westchester, and just received the proposal of a lifetime. Skky wants to be engaged for at least four years or so before having to think about planning a wedding. Unfortunately, she didn’t have that long. Six weeks after their engagement, Channing’s patience is running out and wants Skky to set a date. When she doesn’t, Channing gives her thirty days to set one. Once again Skky’s fear of commitment is getting in the way along with her feelings for Devaughn who has resurfaced and stirring up old feelings he and Skky once shared. While Channing waits for a wedding date, Devaughn waits for his answer to the question: Can we pick up where we left off? Tell Him Too has Skky torn between her past and her future. With a few days left on her ultimatum, Skky makes a decision but will her choice cost her everything?

Tell Him Too

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