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Skky Carrington is physically, mentally and spiritually tired of being single. She wants a man - the right man. Skky doesn't want or need a man to complete her life, she wants a man to enhance it. Sure, there are plenty of men out there but after her encounters with Tendoroni, 48hrs, Rewind, Mr. Busy, and online dating, Skky is at her wits end with finding the 'right man'. She tries to keep the faith but who knew finding him would be so difficult. When all hope is lost and gone, Channing enters Skky's life. He shows her how a woman should be treated - with love and affection. There is no doubt in Skky's mind  Channing is the one for her. However, she is finding it difficult to transition from single life to being in a relationship. If Skky doesn't change her single ways ... she is going to lose the best thing that has ever happened in her life.

Tell Him

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