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After walking in and hearing his fiancé on stage singing "I'm In Love With Another Man", Channing calls off the engagement and ends his relationship with Skky Carrington. All he wants to do is heal his broken heart and get on with his life. Unfortunately, love has another agenda and refuses to let Channing give up on Skky. Every time he attempts to get back with her something or someone foils his efforts. At the moment, Channing's biggest obstacle is Skky's ex-boyfriend, Devaughn. Devaughn is back and he too refuses to give up on Skky. Channing uncovers more of Skky's lies and deceitfulness. He has finally realized it will always be something with Skky and no matter what he does she will never be happy. Devaughn on the other hand is happy because he has an ally who is helping him increase his odds of getting back together with Skky. Everything comes to a head when Skky's past meets her future. Tell Her, Channing's Story is the third book in the Tell Him Series. Follow Skky and Channing's relationship from the beginning in Tell Him and find out why loving two men can be so difficult in Tell Him Too.

Tell Her, Channing's Story

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